Hashbee is a blockchain platform aiming to provide investors with neutral and trustworthy information about cryptocurrencies. As a neutral third party, we will provide users with have more comprehensive and useful information to make their investment decisions.
Hashbee is a startup firm and had built their MVP. The founders were very concerned about whether their content was clear and useful to users. Therefore, the requirements were to conduct usability testing, user interviews, and iterate the design.
Discover Problems
Step 1: Usability testing
We conducted usability testing with 8 people who had already invested cryptocurrencies before. We used 3 tasks to test the usability and trustworthiness of the website
Task #1: Browse the home page (think aloud)
Task #2: Choose and save one interested token (think aloud)
Task #3: Check
the latest updates of your saved tokens (think aloud)
Step 2: Synthesis
​​​​​​​After gathering the raw data, we used affinity diagrams to synthesize testing results.
Step 3: Define problems
•     The information structure is confusing and hard to navigate
•    Some information is not clear and transparent
•    The website is not neutral and trustworthy enough
Due to the lack of consistency, transparency, and clarity of information, users did not feel the website was trustworthy enough.
Find answers from users
We also interviewed the 8 users after usability testing to have a better understanding of their goals, behaviors, and incentives. Then we held workshops to synthesize their answers.
Actionable Insights:
1. Users will use the website frequently but won't spend a lot of time at once. Therefore, the information needs to be much easier to find and browse.
2. Users would like to just quickly check the information about their preferred tokens sometimes. We need to add personalized information.
3. Users are more likely to trust information from big firmssuch as Google, LinkedIn, the New York Times, and Coinmarketcap. We can integrate links or search results from these well-known sources to save users time and build their trust.
Redesign the layout
The original website structure made users confused and lost. I redesigned the layout for the home page and token detail pages to make sure users can quickly understand what the website is for and navigate the whole site.
I added web navigation for the three main sections: tokens, news, and topics. I also rearranged the content to make the information clearer. I explored three options:
Option A - Hamburger Menu
Option B - Fixed Top Navbar
Fixed Sidebar
I decided to go with Option C - Fixed sidebar with full-page section. The goal of the website is to let users quickly find out what they want to know about cryptocurrencies. The sidebar is more visible and accessible than a top navbar.
Instead of showing all three sections on one page, making each section occupy its own full page makes the information clearer and has more extensibility. I revisited one user to test these options and he said the full-page section looks more professional and trustworthy.

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